Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy 
for Greenville, SC

At Hun Chiropractic, we offer ultrasound, muscle re-training, and other forms of physical therapy that our patients might need. Our services are based on sound medical knowledge and the belief that fixing the root of the problem is the only way to truly achieve optimum health. We offer the people of Greenville, SC comprehensive physical therapy services.

Whether you need physical therapy following a personal injury at work, have a herniated disc or a sports injury, we can help you get back to your normal day-to-day routine again in no time. We can also assist those patients who are post-surgery. Of course, some conditions require more extensive physical therapy than others; however, you can rest assured we will work with you patiently and carefully to have a full and healthy recovery.
Physical Therapy Greenville, SC

Herniated Disc Treatment

A relatively common condition, herniated discs most often affect the lower back or neck. These develop when the "shock absorbing" pads between the vertebrae move out of position and press on adjacent nerves. Usually caused by overuse injuries, trauma to the spine, or just plain aging, sometimes herniated discs come with little to no symptoms. However, bad herniated discs can make movements such as twisting and bending a painful experience, impacting every day life. Our physical therapy professionals with both ease your pain and teach you how to condition your body to prevent further injury.

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At Hun Chiropractic, we treat patients with herniated discs and other injuries or pain. We use effective and innovative techniques to re-train your muscles, allowing them to gain strength and full mobility. Call our office today if you need a physical therapist in Greenville, SC.
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